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• 8/23/2017


Finally discussions are enabled on Scan2Go Wiki. As Fandom enables discussions on more and more wikis it's just a matter of time until it is enabled on all wikis on Fandom. What do you think about the discussions?
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• 5/1/2016

Demotion of Sky The Speedpo

This is a community discussion for the demotion of Sky The Speedpo, who is known for abusing powers and bullying users. as you know he is globally blocked and should just be stripped of his crat rights. So simply vote yes or no and say why.
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• 5/1/2016

Demotion of Master Bravenwolf

This is a community discussion for the demotion of Master Bravenwolf, who is known for abusing powers and bullying users. as you know he is globally blocked and should just be stripped of his crat rights. So simply vote yes or no and say why.
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• 2/10/2014

Message from Shaily

pogo brodcasts scan2go in english. I watch scan2go there.they've brodcasted all the episodes twice. first in sep-oct,2013. and then in dec2013-jan2014.
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• 10/21/2013

last episodes of scan2go

have anyone seen the last(47-52)episodes of scan2go? actually I am asking it because i could not found any english dubbed video of them. I have seen those episodes on Pogo.
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• 7/9/2013

In episode 44 why didn't Team JET family members show up at the Space Port to welcome home their brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters?

I'm wondering about the families of Team JET members.  They've been away for a long time and are now just returning to Earth.  Why wouldn't their Mother, Father, Brothers, Sisters, etc come to the Space Port to meet them?  Wouldn't they want to see their families?
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• 7/1/2013

What if Zero is in hiding

Zero and Ray may be the same as Zero had that mask
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• 6/21/2013


I want to make scan2go car
can you tall me
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• 5/27/2013

New template for generating random numbers.

I was thinking it would be cool on the front page to display more than one featured article at a time.  This way the page would be more interesting with less work from us.  I considered several methods but decided to use one based upon random numbers generated using the current time.
Thus I created a new template and its documentation:

Random Template
Random Template Documentation
The documentation page has several examples, including a switch. My thought is to use a switch to call the featured article page up. PLEASE NOTE: We can't call the entire article up, as it would overwhelm the main page. We need to create a featured article summary for the article and point to it. The summary article can link to the main article.
I'd love to have your input into what articles should be in the rotation. Obviously the current one (Kaz). My thought is:

All the Team J.E.T. members, including Shiro for say the next month or so.
After awhile (month or so) we extend the list to include other characters. After another pause we could include various machines and what about individual episodes?
The other thought is to simply generate now a list of all the main articles (e.g. characters, episodes, machines, planets, etc) and use them all without any introduction period.
What do you think?
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• 5/22/2013

Developing the Market Episode Air Date Article Basic Outline ... What do you think?

I've been working on a generic / basic outline for the Market Episode Air Date articles.  I'm doing it using the Korean Air Dates and would LOVE your input.  The article is at:
NOTE:  Whie working on this aritlce I started with the existing "List of Scan2Go Episodes" article.  I discovered LOTS of HTML and Wikia coding issues!  I know it looks OK, but that's becuase the browser and/or wikia is being nice.
Would either of you / anyone mind me rebuilding the existing "List of Scan2Go Episodes" article with the outline I'm working on for the Markets.  I see several advantages:
1) Consistency for all air date articles even the Cartoon Network / English one.
2) Might be easier way to eliminate the existing errors. I do realize the summaries will be needed in the CN / English version, PLUS the foreign language title area removed.
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• 5/19/2013

Rating widgets

Hi fellow Admins, Bureaucrats, and our wonderful Founder,
Hopefully, we'll have a great time talking here.  For this time, it is the rating widget found by JoePlay.  Personally, I'd like something similar to the one used by for the episodes, series, and actors.  It uses a point system with a sliding bar to adjust / set your vote.  Unfortunately, I can't find one for wikia providing this format, so, well, we use what we got, right?!
Now the question is where in/on the episode article to put the widget.  One thought is to put it inside the infobox episode template.  This way it is automaticaly there.  Im not sure it is possible (it might turn out to be very easy).  I just haven't looked into it.
The other place to put it is outside the template.  Where, though?  My thought would be towards the top say between the title and the opening paragraph or right after the opening paragraph.
So, speak now, please.  :-)
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