Diego Montana is one of the main characters of Scan2Go and a member of J.E.T.. In the English dub he is voiced by Joel Crichton.


In contrast to his big body, 'Diego has a kind heart with a sensitive side. He lives at his own pace and does not worry about little things, but is also unconcerned with the fighting spirit buried within. He loves eating, especially donuts, his favorite food. He is a member of Team J.E.T.

Diego completed his Scan2Go training with Coach Ray at the Scan2Go Training Facility on Earth, before leaving to race throughout the Universe.



  • In Episode 13, Diego's Scan2Go licence is seen up-close, and we get a good look at his Area and Licence numbers. His area number is "000" and his Licence number is "00000000" meaning that this was a detail not really payed much attention to, or that Diego was the first person on earth to get his Scan2Go licence, which is highly unlikely, seeing as there are possibly other people who also play Scan2Go using Earth licenses.