Dile is the Instructor of the Scan2Go trainees at Gurao.


Coach Dile is the current instructor at Gurao Academy. He previously taught Dradd during his previous Gurao Academy training session. Coach Dile says his hobby is to overwork and stress his students to the point where they give up and drop out of his training. It is believed he has real hobbies he participants in when the Gurao Academy is not in session.


Coach Dile made his First appearance in the Episode "Demon Instructor Dile".

He made his second appearance in the Episode "Horror! The Mysterious Desert Island", where he deserts his students on an island and they are chased by a dinosaur inhabiting the island, which is later shown to possibly be Dile's pet dinosaur; as she wears a collar with a bell attached and he caresses her telling she had done a good job.