Michelle Molineux
Born August 29, 1986 (age 30)

Edmonton, Alberta

Other names Michelle Molineux
Occupation Actress

Voice Actress, Singer

Years active 2006 - Present

Michelle Molineux is a Canadian voiceactor,actress, and singer. She was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and attended the University of Alberta. She also voices Fiona Ryder. She says that she is having fun time while singing......she released What U Waiting For, Explode, and Just Say Go and intended to release more songs soon.

Listen to Explode:

and watch the slideshow of her!

Listen to What U Waiting for:

Thanks to Press 2 Play, they have done a great job doing an interview with her about her job.

Watch the interview:

She was also a part of the movie Decoys 2; Alien Seduction, Christmas Wonderland, Life as Art, Honest You Won't Get Hooked,The Manikin, Tangled Up, Zac and Rob Celebrity Roomates, Lullaby, Fear Itself 'The Sacrifice' ,and even Brother's Grimm - Elevate Music Video!

She voice-acted Fiona Ryder(Scan2go), Mikuru Shindou(Cardfight!! Fanguard G), Suzuha Amanosuzu(Card BuddyFight), Tinker Bell(The New Adventures of Peter Pan), Rekka Tatsunagi( Cardfight!! Fanguard), and Honoka Yukishiro(Pretty Cure).


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