Ray is the Coach of J.E.T.. The J.E.T. Team Members mostly only refer to him as coach. In the original version he is only listed as 'Trainer' while in the English version as 'Ray'.



In the first Scan2Go episode, Going for Number 1!, Coach Rayaccompanies Team J.E.T. on their first trip to an off world Scan2Go race. Team J.E.T. will be taking part in a race against the best teams of other planets. These other teams had to qualify by beating the best of the best of their own planets.

in Episode 2 he races J.E.T. on Earth and allows them to go to space again if they defeat him and finally after combining their strengths they win so the coach lets them return to space.

In episode 44, (Repatriation! Rescue! Withdrawal!, we see Coach Ray has a new Scan2Go Training Facility on Earth right beside the original one where Team J.E.T. trained before leaving Earth.