Revival, Antares is the thirty-fifth episode of Scan2Go. It first aired in the United States on May 04, 2013 on Cartoon Network.




The excitement of four races brings us to the disappointing situation of Antares and his machine Scorvilain, on the planet Gakusan. While Taiga is still trying to catch us brother, Zero he comes upon Antares who is no longer racing, as he lost his machine in a previous race. Is there a revival in the future for Antares and Scorvilain or is fear what awaits this and other Gurao graduates.


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This episode starts with three already in process races or the memory of a previous race.

The first race has Shiro winning and Kaz as the 1st runner up.

The second race has Taiga winning but not happy because he failed to beat the best course time set by his brother, Zero.

The third race is an Antares memory and last through multiple scenes and most of the episode. In it his machine, Scorvilain falls off the course and into an extremely deep pit with a machine graveyard at its bottom. The episode revolves around how Antares and Scorvilain handle this loss and subsequent loss of his machine and confidence.

The fourth race is a complete start to finish race and thus will be in table format.

Race Name Planet Gakusan Challenge Cup Race
Race Participants Taiga, Antares, Racer A, Racer B, and Racer C, and three other racers without speaking parts.

Winner: Taiga

First Runner up: Antares

  • The competitors shown earlier giving Antares a difficult time for no longer being a racer fail to complete the race. Their machines fall off the track and into the deep pit and possibly the machine graveyard below.
  • Team J.E.T. and Shiro watch the race from the Team J.E.T. space bus, along with System P.E.L. and Tsukikage who is driving the space bus.
  • Antares arrives just as the race is starting.
  • Taiga is the favorite to win the race, until Antares arrives.
  • Taiga: "Scan One" Antares: Scan Two"
  • There are 8 cars at the starting line, but only 5 of the racers speak or have a real role during the race.
  • Both Taiga and Antares reach dead ends at the same time. They both say at the same time: "It's time to race Gurao-Style." While both fly off the track, they return using different means. Taiga flies down to the track below, while Antares drives his machine onto the canyon wall and lands right beside Taiga.
  • While Antares wins, he still fails to beat the course record time, held by his brother, Professor Zero.













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