Scan2Go is the first season of the Japanese-Korean-Middle East anime series of the same name co-produced by d-rights (Japan), SBS Productions (South Korea) and NewBoy FCZO (United Arab Emirates). It is animated by the Tokyo-based animation studio Synergy SP.


In December 2008 NewBoy and d-rights jointly announced a new anime named Scan2Go, which would be the first co-production between Japan and an Arabic country. The reason for that decision was, as stated almost five years later, was that inhabitants from Arabic countries are much younger than Japanese people whose average age is 43 years. It first aired in South Korea between August 9, 2010 and March 29, 2011. During the year 2011 it aired in various European countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal. Also it started airing in Taiwan, China and Malaysia. 2012 it started airing in France and later in that year in the Arab world. Rumors are circulating that it will start in Japan as well as a Japanese dub exists, though it has not been confirmed from Japanese side yet. In 2013 there were indicators which suggested that it will be finally aired in Japan. Scan2Go was showcased at TAF 2013 and also an article in the Japan Times from March 2013 mentions that Scan2Go has yet to debut in Japan. But it still wasn't aired in Japan and won't be aired before October 2014 at least. In July 2013 the American broadcast was even cancelled, with only seven episodes left in the series, but in January 2014 it was announced that Scan2Go will come back on February 8, 2014 but it didn't come back. According to a website Scan2Go hasn't been aired in Japan yet, because of discordancies between the collaborating companies, though a full Japanese dub and soundtrack exists.


Scan2Go takes place in outer space and revolves around four kids from Earth, who want to also become     successful in the outer universe. Over the course of the 52 episodes, they meet a lot of teams from different planet, who have the same goal: To become Number 1.