Scan2Go is a worldwide phenomena with both a television series in multiple broadcast markets and a series of racing machines, tracks, and accessories. The first television channel to broadcast the Scan2Go television series was the South Korean television channel SBS. The original airing of this series began on August 9, 2010 and ended on March 29, 2011. As for other broadcast markets, Scan2Go ran from August 28, 2011 to October 1, 2011 in Italy on the K2 channel. After these two markets, Scan2Go aired in several countries. Examples are France, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan and the Arab world. Scan2Go began airing in India during 2013 and if it airs in Japan it won't be before Fall 2014.

While this wikia (Scan2Go Wiki) is an English language based wikia, it strives to provide worldwide information for all Scan2Go markets.

This article will (once the outline is complete) provide the structure to document all of the Scan2Go worldwide broadcast markets.

NOTE: This article will continue to be a work in progress until its structure is complete. Once the structure is in place, areas for common and unique information about each broadcast market will exist and help filling it in from those living in each market will be useful / helpful / necessary.

Country /

Language Premiere date End date Channel
South Korea Korean  August 9, 2010  March 29, 2011 SBS
Portugal Portuguese  June 6, 2011  TBD Canal Panda
Spain Spanish  July 12, 2011  TBD Clan TVE
Italy Italian  August 28, 2011  October 1, 2011 K2


 November 17, 2011  November 25, 2012 TVB
France French  April 21, 2012  TBD Canal J
Taiwan Standard
 May 5, 2012  TBD YOYO TV
USA English  September 1, 2012  July 13, 2013 Cartoon Network
India Hindi  June 16, 2013  TBD Pogo
Canada English  Fall 2012  TBD YTV
United Kingdom English  Fall 2012  TBD Nicktoons UK
Philippines English  Fall 2012  TBD Cartoon Network (PH)
Arab World Arabic  Fall 2012  TBD Spacetoon
Indonesia Indonesian  Fall 2012  TBD Indosiar
Japan Japanese  TBD  TBD TV Tokyo