Shiro's mother1

Shiro's Mother

Shiro's mother, is known as the lady who gave Shiro a necklace that

contains in it her picture as a souvenir and a machine, Wolver. At that time, she said that Wolver is a bond that links between her and Shiro. She seems to be alone after separating from her son. She has pet wolf that protects her and becomes wiht her whenever she is. The reason that she separated from her son, Shiro is that her tribe's law that says that two wolfgars can't stand or live together since they both have powers that might be dangerous for each other.


Her first debut is in episode 45 Eve of the Final Grand Prix, she was also appeared in episode 47 Snow of Love Falls upon the Desert.


She has a long, blue hair that reaches into her back. It looks flat at the bottom, but it looks A LITTLE curly at the top. She has hazel-sleepy eyes and a pale skin. She usually wears a pink dress with a necklace but there are times where she wears a long-dark coat.


She seems to be lonely just like her son, separating from the others so she can't hurt them as Shiro does. It seems that she wanders and transfers from a place to another, watching her son during the race that what Kaz said in the episode Snow Falls upon the Desert when they saw her walking between the crowds coincidentally. It looks like that she doesn't want Shiro to find her but Shiro actually races to become famous and to find his mother.