TBA stands for To Be Announced.  TBD stands for To Be Determined.

The main difference between TBA and TBD is TBA denotes information not yet released by one ot the Scan2Go marketing, production, or broadcast companies. On the other hand TBD means the information is (most likely) available, but we have yet to locate it or had someone supply it.

An example is as of June 1, 2013: We know the Portuguese episode air dates are available for the first several episodes, but we don't know them yet. Thus we denote their status as "TBD," while Cartoon Network U.S.A. has yet to announce the air dates for episodes 44 - 52, thus they are "TBA."

Articles using TBA and/or TBD are works in progess with the TBA/D section or area waiting for information.  Some TBA/D usage uses the link structure and may represent to those who supply future information the original author's belief this TBA/D needs a linked article behind, in addition to the information in the article using the TBA/D.

Ultimately the Scan2Go wikia shouldn't have any links to this page nor use either TBA or TBD anywhere at all.